• The Office of the MDRRMO is responsible for setting the direction, development, implementation and coordination of disaster risk management programs in the municipality of Corcuera.


  • We envision the Municipality of Corcuera as community of hospitable, peace-loving and God-fearing people engaged in vibrant and diverse economic and social activities under a safe, balanced and conducive environment under a firm able and effective leadership with well equipped and prepared community in response to emergency.


  • To strengthen the community of the Municipality of Corcuera to become knowledgable to all forms of hazards; well-equipped and empower officials to be able to respond in times of disaster.

Organizational Outcome: Well equipped officials and community resilient to any kind of disaster.

H.E. Rodrigo Roa Duterte - President

Atty. Eleandro Jesus F. Madrona - Representative Province of Romblon

Sherwin B. Gatchalian - Representative Province of Romblon

Ricardo B. Jalad - Representative Province of Romblon

Jose R. Riano - Governor

Felix F. Ylagan - Vice Governor

Rachel S.M. Banares - Board Member

Eddie F. Mazo - Board Member

Elmer M. Fruelda - Mayor

Aubrey M. F. Fondevilla - Vice Mayor

Lowie F. Fetalvero - Councilor

Ramon P. Reyes, Jr. - Councilor

Denny F. Fetalvero - Councilor

Angelo F. Madrona - Councilor

Kennedy F. Fallarme - Councilor

Editha D. Fallarcuna - Councilor

Debbie Madonna F. Nuñez - Councilor

Ricardo B. Jalad - OIC

Myrna M. Fajardoza, OIC


  • Myrna F. Fajardoza
  • Kennedy F. Fallarme
  • Editha F. Fallarcuna
  • Debbie Madonna F. Nuñez